Welcome to EIS Technology Research Community

Welcome to EIS Technology Research Community

Someone must keep current with all the new malware that can be used to exploit application and system vulnerabilities; collect it, examine its functions and how it executes attacks, and then present those findings in a format that can be consumed by a larger audience.

EIS Research and Development community is made up of well selected defined intellectuals in the field of technology. EIS main-brain that reaches out to cities round the globe to extract knowledge on all sectors of life impacted by technology. We collect information, examine, pedicts the future impacts of technology and present a realistic reports that drives the trend of technology market from all sectors of economy.  


Contact & Support

  • Address : 1st Floor
  • No. 415 High Street Stratford,
  • London, United Kingdom.
  • E15 4QZ
  • Email : info@executive-intel.com
  • Phone  : +44 (0) 203 507 0051


  • Address : FF, B11 455,
  • Nnebisi Road City Complex,
  • Asaba, 
  • Nigeria.
  • Email : info@executive-intel.com
  • Phone  : +234 (0) 90 616 765 72
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