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25 Mar - 05 Apr 2019, ASABA NIGERIA

Looking for a new carrier in the Security Industry or you want to expand your knowledge in our every day to day advancement in security technology. You have come to the right place!

At E.I.S LTD, we utilize every means of technology and we are up to date with new technologies so we will pack you up with all the necessary knowledge you need to progress in your aspiration.

We offer a comprehensive 10 days CCTV Theory and Hands on practical to help you with all the knowledge you need to install CCTV be it for private use, for Organisations, Companies, for Traffic control etc.

Our training on CCTV covers old analogue and migration to IP camera Installation and Maintenance. The course provide our students with utmost knowledge to excel in the chosen carrier. At the end of your successful completion of the course with proven grades, EIS will issue you a certificate of honour that will prove your expertise on CCTV IP and Analogue camera Installation and Maintenance. 

What you will learn:

* Introduction of CCTV, why CCTV? Need for CCTV

* Learn Scanning 625-line System, Composite video, setting up Black and White; Colour (Grey Scale)

* How to connect cable properly and terminate cable with connectors RG59, URM70, RG11, CT125, twisted pair, fibre    and CAT5

* Crimping BNC, CAT5&6 & keystone connectors

* Assembling a CCTV system,/Tester Equipment

* How to configure motorised zoom, varifocal, aspherical and fixed lenses/Lighting (Lux) Lens calculation.

* Recording storage, DVR storage calculator

* IP camera installation ‘how to configure an IP/Network CCTV solution’

* How to configure and programme digital and analogue recording devices

* How to wire and connect video distribution amplifiers

* How to set up a range of colour, monochrome, day/night and dome cameras using ND (Neutral Density)



* PTZ camera Installation

  • * Network (LAN, WAN, IP)

    IP Cameras: Sub Topics

    * Network Video Cameras
    * Video Management systems
    * Wireless technology
    * Camera elements
    * Video encoder
    * Video resolution
    * Video compression
    * Environmental Protection
    * Network storage
    * Audio
    * Network Technology
    * Bandwidth and storage specifications
    * System configurations 

* Design, CCTV survey, (DYNS)

* CCTV code of Practice

* General revision

* Test assessment for Certificate

This 10 days Course is recommended, This will give you the in depth understanding in CCTV anlogue migration to IP Surveillance camera and you will get our full hand-out for your quick reference.



EIS: Committed To Training Security Professionals All Over Africa.

NGN: 210,000.00 + VAT
  • * Comprehensive Handout
  • * With complete starter tools
  • * Anytime centre access for further practical
  • * Assistance for work contracts
CCTV: IP & Analogue
NGN: 310,000.00 + VAT
  • * Comprehensive Handout
  • * With complete starter tools
  • * Anytime centre access for further practical
  • * Assistance for job contracts
CCTV: Design
NGN: 105,000.00 + VAT
  • * Comprehensive Handout
  • * With complete starter tools
  • * Anytime centre access for further practical
  • * Assistance for job contracts

Travel Information



FF B11, No.455 Nebisi Road City Complex
Asaba, Nigeria

Course Duration: 10 Days
Time: 10am - 4pm 
Monday - Friday.


Nearest airport: Asaba Airport
Hotel & Restaurant

Hotel & Restaurant

There are loads of hotels with nice customer servises at affordable prices within Asaba and Onitsha. 

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  • Address : FF, B11 455,
  • Nnebisi Road City Complex,
  • Asaba, 
  • Nigeria.
  • Email : info@executive-intel.com
  • Phone  : +234 (0) 90 616 765 72
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