Access control (AC) is the selective restriction of access to things, places within an environment etc. Permission to access a resource is called authorization. Locks, login, smart cards, biometrics, fobs etc are credentials mechanisms for access control. Employee & Visitors management access to single or multiple sites using door system, Punctuality & Attendance on organisations, Higher Institutions. Parking lot barriers, Automatic Gates & Turnstiles. We provide our clients with specifications in accordance to their organisation requirments for Access Controls.

Intercom Door Control & Reader

Our door control technologies are designed for both medium and large organisations ranging for single to multiple door controls. Inclusive software allows our clients to grant or restrict access to employees and visitors to a preferred areas within the premises.



Automated Barriers remains one of the most vaible security access checks for publics places such as airports, immigration boarder, stadium, institutions etc. With built in software,organisation will be able to collect data of users when a smartcard access is assigned.

Emergency Exit Buttons

We have varities of emergency exit buttons to chose from, both with led light, stainless still finish etc. Exit buttons allow doors to open automatically to exit from inside. Emergency Break Glass for automatic door opening in an emergency.




Employee & Visitors Management

Our client organisations are able to keep tracks and records of events, keep access restricted to few individuals thereby minimises the chances of loss, maximise the full productivity of an employee by knowing the exact amount input of time to work your organisation is paying for. Grant temporary access to an emplyee to certain office areas or for vistors within the working hours or out of working hours. 


Smart Parking Access Solution

EIS Provide Smart Access Solution, High Efficiency, User Friendly, Easy Management. Entrance and Exit Vehicle Counting, Vehicle Plate Number Recognition (ANPR) Software Locating Vehicle, Parking Guide, Reserve & VIP Parking Via System Interface, Check Online - App For Space Availability. We provide advance smart parking TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION.
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Because we know the market, we proud ourselves in providing tailored specifications to our different customers, taking rigorous assessment to figure out the needs of our client and budgets. We provide access control on varieties of application from small to large organisations. Send in your enquiries and we will do our best to meet your full target on positioning your organisation to achieving full productivity with meaningful resources. 


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